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Painting Holiday

Susan Turtle

Welcome to my site. I prefer to use Bob Ross technique in oil using wet on wet, occasionally acrylic base colour to show through completed painting, developing recently to pets and wild life.  Amateur artists that I know have found this technique user friendly and easier to rectify. 

I have been an amateur painter for almost 8 years.  Anyone can paint but like everything else it takes practice. I can't draw at all and this method suits me very well and most of all I enjoy painting. It doesn't matter if at the end of the day I wipe it all off or put it in the dustbin, I have learnt something.

I attend an art class on average two days a month. Saturday classes are half day sessions, we take our own board or canvas and a picture or photograph of what we want paint with help and advice from our tutor. Sunday classes we all paint the same picture with instruction and step by step demo from our tutor. It never ceases to amaze me how different all the pictures look and of course, we all like someone else's better than our own. I have seen many beginners who have never touched a brush before produce something they are proud to take home. You can do it too. We have a laugh as I tend to "wipe out"  paintings I am not happy with when I get home.

You will see paintings that you think are better than yours and also some that are not.  What you like or don't like others will think the opposite. Don't give up. We are always learning with each picture we produce, even those who we think are better painters than ourselves strive for perfection.

During 2008 I started to donate many of my painting to the Pilgrims Hospice in Canterbury by way of my brother-in-law. He told me that there is a lovely lady who sells many items where all the proceeds go to the Hospice. Over a period of about 5 yrs she has donated funds of about 63,000. Her aim is to raise this to 100,000 over the next 3yrs.  I thought it a good idea to send her a few of my paintings many of them not seen on this site to see how she got on.  She sold them all and the whole amount was donated to the hospice. I have now started to add them to my site for you to easily see which ones she has sold. I have now decided that I will send her %10 of the price sold on this site to her as well as donating more paintings when I next see my brother-in-law in May. When I have more information about her I will post it here.

I hope this site will encourage you to pick up a brush or give you some encouragement to continue with your painting. Having produced this site with the gallery I can see what I think is an improvement over time.

Please feel free to contact me.

Happy painting!!!!!

Copyright   2005 Susan Turtle